Scout of the Month


Name: Rebecca M.

Being recognized by ModelInfluence is simply the icing on the cake. Growing up in a small town in Washington, we were hardly found on the map, and never thought about pursing careers in the Talent Industry. After meeting the man of my dreams, we headed to California and shortly thereafter, had our first daughter, Saramah Trinity. She’s just turned one and is starting to walk.

Out on a whim, in January, I posted my resume online. I really didn’t think or expect much of it, as it was really just to see what was out there. My husband and I only had one car so I wasn’t very hopeful of finding anything that I could actually do.

ModelInfluence saw my resume, liked what I had to bring to the table, and offered me a Customer Service position. This was great for me because I have experience in that field and really enjoy helping people. I was also informed that they were offering positions for ‘Talent Scout’. I applied, and accepted the position, and man was I eager to start!!

Once I got started I quickly realized how much I truly loved what I was doing. I get to some of the coolest things, and things I love doing, WHILE working. I can surf the internet, help people, chat online, all while I’m at home with my daughter. Stuff like this may only happen once in a lifetime.

The other great part was because I already had computer and communication skills, Scouting online came almost natural to me. The Back Office with ModelInfluence helps too! There is so much great information in your back office, and I recommend anyone, online scout or not, to get to know it inside and out!

But looking now at my accomplishments, I have to look back and think of what got me here. How did the journey become so successful, and is the recipe for my achievements be duplicated? Absolutely. Some of the tips I was given, and used, I recommend to everyone else as well.

A few of the key things I recall that really made a difference??

  • Goals Goals Goals! (and more Goals). Make yourself goals and stick to them. If you are going to be your own boss, you need to act like it in order to be successful.
  • Make a schedule! I know not everyone likes making schedules, but trust me, it is soooo helpful. Mine, which I follow every day starts with me waking up at 7am, I scout until Sami wakes up, and continue scouting while she eats breakfast. After I reach my 1st goal I take a break to hang out with her, clean, and do some other odds and ends. I scout from noon (when she takes a nap) until 4pm (when my husband comes home). By this time I want to have talked to 150-250 people. That way, I can spend the rest of the day with family. I get online periodically until about 10pm to read and answer questions.
  • Post! In addition to talking to people, I post castings on a lot of different sites. It takes only a few minutes and it will bring talent to you!
  • Personality and originality is key! No one wants to hear a sales pitch. If your message starts with, “An excellent opportunity awaits you…” it will likely be deleted. Show them your personality; be original when you make your contact letter. Also, answer every ones questions. They will appreciate the one on one attention from you and will be more likely to sign up.

It didn’t take me long at all to realize that ModelInfluence, and the Talent Industry is something I want to be a part of for a long time to come. I plan on growing with them as they grow and become the leader in the industry. It has been great to see how the company continues to expand and dominate the field, and I am incredibly excited to be part of that process.

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