Scout Lifestyle

The possibilities are endless! The lifestyle of a Scout can be as basic as a part-time college student looking to break into the industry, or as serious as a full-time International Scout, searching the globe for the next new thing. To demonstrate how scouting can work, the following fictitious examples will help you understand a typical day in the life. To provide different scenarios, we’re highlighting a Full-Time Local Scout, a Part-Time Scout, and an Online Scout.


Full time local – Martina Wilson

Martina Wilson is a 34-year-old single mother of two kids (ages 7 and 9). Martina lives in a quiet Atlanta suburb. She has a high school education and attended two semesters of college. Prior to being a Scout Martina worked as an office Manager in a small law firm.

As a Scout her initial goal was to match her current $37,500 salary and spend more time with her kids, but now Martina has decided her new goal is to double her previous salary.

Martina likes Scouting because she can combine Scouting with doing things with the kids. She often takes the kids to parks, league games, skating, and other activities that allow her to Scout while being with the kids.

A typical day for Martina is the following:

Drop the kids off at school at 7:30 a.m.

Go to a coffee house for breakfast. Martina is a coffee aficionado so she likes trying different eclectic shops and it gives her a variety of people to Scout.

After coffee Martina goes to the gym, though she rarely Scouts at the gym – preferring to focus on her workout.

After the gym Martina will typically do a morning Scouting activity. It could be the mall or a cultural event of some sort.

After her morning Scouting session Martina will have lunch, spending the afternoon Scouting while running errands – i.e., grocery shopping, picking up cleaning, banking, etc.

After picking up the kids, Martina will then go on a Scouting session with her kids, like taking them to the park or to a museum or another social event.

Martina will then go home at about 6 p.m. and after the kids are in bed Martina will spend 30 minutes checking her stats, and planning the next day’s schedule.

Martina’s goal is to earn $75,000 per year, so she estimates that she needs to Scout 100 people a week. She knows that that is less than some Scouts, but her lifestyle is more important than making a few extra dollars.

Martina Scouts on the weekends if she falls short of her goal. If she meets her goal of 100 during the week, Martina takes the weekend off.

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