There are two different kinds of agency types you can apply for. Each has unique attributes and it is up to all of us to determine the best option for you. The following are the two different types:

  1. Model Influence Agent– This option allows you to market yourself as a Model Influence Agent. You will be able to build an income recruiting models from the following sources:
    1. Income Split From Model Profiles
    2. Contest Prize Splits
    3. Sponsor Commissions
    4. Promotions Done With Your Models
  1. Model Influence Agency – This option allows agents to build your very own agency in your city. You will leverage our technology, member base and brand to market and sell the services we offer.
  2. The Model Influence Core Agency System

    Our Agency system helps you recruit agents and build passive income in a cool and exciting industry. Not only will our highly responsive and interactive community provide you with the chance to network and build partnerships; our professional support staff will assist youand your clients with all your needs.

    Ridiculously High Converting Sales Funnels

    Unlike most businesses we offer something the market enjoys and needs. The reason so many new businesses fail is because they are trying to sell things with low demand. This is the key to success.

    Models want to join our contests and leverage our online profile tools. Businesses need new leads and customers. Our business model matches the two together perfectly.

    Weekly Training From ‘The Best of the Best’

    We teach you how to market and provide you with the skills you need in a simple format so you can understand and implement the right message, at the right time, to the right prospect.

    You will have all the sources of income above with the following additional sources:

    1.  Advertising Revenue From Sponsors
    2. Affiliate CPA Income From Model Promotions
    3. Recurring Monthly Income From All Agents In Your Territory
    4. Web Commercials
    5. Contest Photo Shoot Sponsorships
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